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LKS Ventures, LLC 


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LKS: Leticia Krystalina Soash

VENTURES: Daring Business Undertakings

LLC: Limited Liability Corporation


LKS Ventures, LLC was a small business that operated Writing For You Now, a licensed independent freelance writing business and Your Positive Potential, promoting motivational tips for healthy living. 

LKS is an adult English Language Learner currently specializing in freelance writing and interpreting, with a passion for writing!

LKS is a certified Spanish/English and English/ASL interpreter, as well as a certified meditation instructor. Spanish is her first language, English second, and American Sign Language (ASL) third.

As a Generalist Writer, LKS (aka Krystalina) is a Diamond Level Expert Author at Ezine, with over 400 published short articles circulating the web via various freelance writing venues. Short article writing is her specialty on topics such as English Grammar, Meditation, and Healthy Living.

​Writing For You Now (WFYN) has been around longer than LKS Ventures, LLC, therefore the catalyst for LKS Ventures, LLC. Here's a glimpse of LKS small business undertakings. 

January 2, 2009, WFYN was created as a freelance writing business
2009, published Writing Tips for Student Projects and New Freelance Writers
2010, published Your Positive Potential: Action Steps for Self-Empowerment
2011, Spanish/English document translation was added as a service
2012, business grew exponentially therefore a business license was attained as LKS Ventures, LLC
2013, downsized; eliminating ghostwriting and ebook assistance
2014, downsized; freelance writing for small projects only
2015, interpreting & freelance writing for small projects only
2016 - 18, explored other ventures, including tutoring and teaching English for Pre-K and Elementary students

2019, continue to interpret and freelance write for small projects only

2020, LKS Ventures, LLC business closes due to COVID-19

2021, Only Ghostwriting Projects (no longer under LLC)

​2022, Began with ghostwriting, the rest is TBD